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  • Captain Chesterfield

    Captain Chesterfield, an accomplished soldier, is hungry to ascend to the governorship of Fort James and make his mark in the new World. But no matter how much power he manages to acquire, there is always someone with more.

  • Michael Smyth

    Michael, trapped by the chains of poverty, is none-the-less a capable thief, and ever searching for a bigger take. Will he succeed with his desperate gamble, and make his fortune in the new world, or will he be consumed by its darkness?

  • Clenna Dolan

    Growing up a street urchin, Clenna survives by her wits and her skill as a master lock picker. She dreams of a better life with her sweetheart and co-conspirator, Michael Smyth. But how far is she willing to go for love?

  • Father Coffin

    While his black robes, stirring words, and crucifix have offered some protection to him in this godless wilderness, nothing can protect Father Coffin from the greatest threat of all: a dark, spiritual crisis.

  • Sokanon

    Sokanon lost her family and her people to the violent invasion of the Hudson’s Bay Company. With no rival to her bow, she works steadily towards the moment where she can affect justice upon her enemies.

  • Grace Emberly

    Grace Emberly is a successful woman in a man’s world. She may own and operate the ale house, but the real currency in her domain is secrets. Keeping track of everyone’s dealings can be a powerful tool to help her manipulate the future, but one wrong move will end her.

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